Friday, December 07, 2007

The real question to ask why Lou Dobbs is too obsessed against Mexico and Mexicans?.
Lou it shows a great effort against Broken border(Mexican)not Borders and Ports. Why he can not focused on the real issues and stop bugging Mexicans and Mexico? The Immigration became the number one topic on the Presidential debates do to the Anti Immigrant sentiment. Why Immigration is more important than the War in Iraq? Why it is more important than the fight against Terrorism and Terrorists? Why it is more important than our Housing crisis? Why it is more Important than Health care? Or he is a narrow minded that he seems the Immigration as the mainly source for all U.S problems?

Apparently he does not care about Terrorist, He just said that he focus mainly in Mexico because they are the primary source of Methamphetamine, Marijuana, cocaine and the Majority of Undocumented Immigrants are Mexicans. What about the Terrorist? What about our Northern Border? The Northern border is more porous than our Southern Border. Isn't? Canadian Border are 4,000 miles along with less than 1,000 agents and bordering with 10 States instead of our Southern Border with 1,970 miles along with more than 12,000 agents and bordering with 4 States?

Equally apparent is the abject failure by US law enforcement agencies, who once again failed to detect the efforts by an established network of terrorists who undertook sophisticated and prolonged efforts to unleash such devastation and destruction on American soil.

But, as a partner to one of the greatest economic alliances the world has ever known, and a country whose national security is deeply dependent on the United States, how does the Canadian Government respond to the hard facts brought to light by the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service, that more than 50 militant groups such as the Al Qaeda group of Osama bin Laden, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Tamil Tigers, Sikh militants, as well as former war criminals from Rwanda, Bosnia and other genocide bearing countries continue to find safe haven and carry out their fund raising activities within Canada? Moreover, can it not be argued that Canada’s immigration refugee policies, which permit unconditional entry into the country of thousands of undocumented claimants each year, create increased risk to our national security?

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