Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The look of Hate and overlook of the legal system on the case of Dr. Cornblet. Why nothing has been done to extradited this coward killer. Why Authorities being blind about Justice? This Irrational and cowardly crime must bring to justice know!!!.

On Oct. 24, 2006, Dr. David Cornbleet was murdered by a one time former patient, Hans Peterson. Stabbed over 20 times, Dr. Cornbleet was found by his daughter later that night left for dead in a pool of his own blood. After killing Dr. Cornbleet, Hans Peterson fled to and hid in the French portion of St Martin, while at the same time Cornbleet's family assisted police by setting up an online campaign to track down the killer. Through a myspace profile a tip came in that broke the case open, a warrant was issued and soon after Hans Peterson confessed to the crime. Strategically though, he confessed to French authorities on the island betting on the fact that since his Mother was French he would not be sent back to the US to face trial. So far that is exactly what has happened. To help with the Extradition process, visit the section directly to the right. When Hans Peterson confessed to the murder, he had a smile on his face and gave the French authorities a four page letter with details of the crime and his rational. Hans Peterson initially planned to cut off the hands and feet of Dr. Cornbleet and seal the wounds with a blow torch. Since Dr. Cornbleet fought back, Hans was forced to stab him to death. The rational for the murder focused on Accutane, a powerful acne medication prescribed by Dr. Cornbleet for Hans in April 2002. Hans took two pills and began to feel side effects such as a massive headache. He stopped the medication immediately. Four and half years later he made a second trip to the Dr. Cornbleet’s office to torture and murder him. Within the letter Hans states that the main side effect was impotency. Now, a year after the murder and months after Hans Peterson’s confession the debate is boiling over. While Hans Peterson’s father, Dr. Thomas Peterson blames the drug Accutane, its manufacturer Roche, and Dr. Cornbleet himself for his son’s actions, Dr. Cornbleet’s family wants Hans Peterson back in the United States to face trial for the murder. They argue that the time for a malpractice case ended the night the Hans murdered Dr. Cornbleet, and that Accutane has nothing to do with Hans Peterson’s choice to flee the murder scene and hide behind his mother’s French nationality.


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