Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ah, Tancredo, we knew you well. Now relegated to the dust bins of history. But not before inciting an ugly wave of xenophobia and ultra-nationalism. Adios, Arrivederci, Adeus, au revoir, VIVA Tren credo.. Unbelievable but what a Christmas gift the Latinos and Hispanic received before Christmas. Who's next Lou Soups?.

U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo announced today he's ending his long-shot bid for the White House.

The Colorado Republican made his exit from the race official at a press conference this afternoon in downtown Des Moines. He'll throw his support behind GOP candidate Mitt Romney, he said.

Tancredo's name was most associated with his fight against illegal immigration, one of the presidential election's most controversial issues. But his hard-line approach to curbing the unlawful migration of millions across the United States' southern border wasn't enough to vault him from the back of the GOP field.

He registered 6 percent support among likely Republican caucusgoers in the most recent Des Moines Register Iowa Poll.

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