Thursday, November 01, 2007

Did you remember how outcry and furious were the Anti Mexicans, Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck and many others when the President George W. Bush intervened to do not execute with the death penalty a Mexican Citizen?
Well, again this said more than words; how pathetic, xenophobic and racists were.
Why being so obsessed with Mexicans, Why being so pathetic and ignorants.

Canadian law prohibits the extradition of an American citizen back to the U.S. when facing the death penalty. But even as it protects Americans from the death penalty, the government will not remain silent while Canadians are executed south of the border.

Canada was among 72 countries that urged the United Nations to call for an international moratorium on the death penalty Thursday - the same day the Commons heard Smith would be left to die.

We're not saying he didn't get a fair trial. We are saying that on the issue of capital punishment, this country has a law, this country has a policy, this country has a principle domestically and internationally. We will not support capital punishment.

Smith, who killed two men during a road trip south of the border in 1982, is the only Canadian currently on death row in the U.S. Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer has said he is undecided about whether to commute his sentence.

The Red Deer, Alta., man was sentenced to death in March 1983. Seven months earlier, he killed two aboriginal men who offered him a ride while hitchhiking.

He marched cousins Harvey Mad Man, 23, and Thomas Running Rabbit, 20, into the woods by the highway and shot them both in the head with a sawed-off .22-calibre rifle.

Relatives of the men have pleaded with the governor not to commute Smith's sentence. They say the victims were kind men with bright futures, and that their killings had a devastating effect on the Blackfeet Reservation.

But Smith's lawyer has argued that his client is a changed man, and that he wants the opportunity to meet with the victims' families and tell them how sorry he is.

Smith himself requested the death penalty after pleading guilty to two counts of murder and two counts of aggravated kidnapping. He later sought a life sentence and has since exhausted nearly all of his appeals.

In Canada, a 1967 bill placed a moratorium on the death penalty, except in cases involving the murder of a law-enforcement officer.

A bill to officially ban the death penalty passed in a free vote in 1976.

A free vote on reinstating the death penalty was held in the House of Commons in 1987. MPs agreed by a 21-vote margin to maintain the abolition of capital punishment

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