Monday, November 05, 2007

Why Lou Dobbs is too obsessed with Mexicans? He said that He loves Mexico and Mexicans. His wife is Mexicans descendent even his daughters. It's why Lou Dobbs love Mexico or Mexicans? Or he is beyond jumping off point. I do remembered the interview with Maria Elena Salinas from Univision as a pretty interesting point from Lou being narrow minded against Mexicans.

PHILLIPS: Do you feel that Lou is a racist?

SALINAS: No, I don't necessarily say that Mr. Dobbs is a racist, I'm sure that in his heart, Mr. Dobbs is very concerned about his country. I am, too. I'm an American citizen. I was born in Los Angeles. I'm an American also. Just because my name is Salinas doesn't mean I'm less an American than Mr. Dobbs is.

But the reality is that if we talk about undocumented immigrants, there are 11 million undocumented immigrants, half of those are from Mexico. You have over a million from Europe, over a million from Asia, over a quarter of a million from Africa.
I would like to see what plan Mr. Dobbs suggests so that we can go out and try to track down 113,000 blue eyed blonde Germans that are here illegally? What are we going to do to make sure? Are you against illegal immigration or illegal immigration from Mexico and Latin America?

DOBBS: Kyra, I'm sorry. I really cannot let that go without a response.

PHILLIPS: No, go ahead. Then I want to ask you about our prisons.

DOBBS: I think that was that is a shame that Maria Elena would characterize Europeans in this debate, the clear implication is frankly racial in tone. Secondly, I would suggest --

SALINAS: It's not. It's a reality, Mr. Dobbs. You can find those numbers in FAIR's Web site. They have a complete breakdown of the different countries that undocumented immigrants come from and they are not all from Mexico. Less than half are from Mexico, from Central America, South America, Europe, Asia.

Are we going into Chinatown and looking for people? Do you think that we should do that and how are you going do know who is undocumented and who isn't? Or are you just going to target areas where you know there are Hispanics?

DOBBS: I have to tell you, it saddens me to hear this kind of approach on the part of Maria Elena. I must say to you, you're far, far better than this. The implications of what you're saying are remarkable. Let me suggest to you that the mass predominance of illegal immigrants into this country are from Mexico. They are from Central America.

In point of fact, Vicente Fox has more influence over U.S. immigration and its borders than President George W. Bush. The fact is there are five billion people in this world who are far, far poorer than the poorest of Mexico, half of whom are in poverty.

We could build all of the guest worker programs you like, put together amnesty and the fact is if we do not deal with the border security, do not deal with the incipient poverty and the absolute ineffective government of Mexico, this nation will be in precisely the same point, it's in the exactly the same position and point that it was the day before such a guest worker program was passed.

Those are the realities that we have to deal with and Maria Elena, may I ask you this --

SALINAS: You're talking about Mexico. That means that you are against immigrants from Mexico.

DOBBS: I'm not against immigrants from Mexico. I'm not against immigrants from any part of the world. Point of fact, I embrace immigrants. The fact of the matter is, I love Mexico. I am against illegal immigration. I am against continuing the sham that is homeland security in which our ports are not secured, our borders are not secured. I think that this government should be held accountable.

SALINAS: Our country is not secure.

DOBBS: For its absolute dereliction of duty to the well-being of the American people if you want to know exactly how I feel.
Though, I don't think I would have been that nice

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