Friday, November 16, 2007

When we talking about driver license we talking about privilege. What's is a privilege and what's attached to it? What happen to those who lose that Privilege? Do we tracking down or they are on the loop hole? Of course they are still driving until they get caught. So let's enforced equally and fairly under their constitutional rights to those who's lose that privilege to drive as well as those they didn't have the opportunity of that privilege.

Driving license is a Privilege just to drive a Vehicle and in some cases as an identification but privilege can not be use for work, either as an Immigration identification so what's privilege has to do with Immigration?
I believe Ignorance and bigotry; So what happen to those convicted under their State and Federal criminal Law who's lose their driving privileges for life? I want to see your reaction when real I.D. take effect.No Freedom.

Michigan Boy, 13, Driving for Drunk Dad Charged With DWI.

CLIO, Mich. — A police officer checking on a truck that got stuck in the mud at a city park was startled to find a 13-year-old boy behind the wheel.

The officer also was surprised that the boy appeared to be drunk.

So did the teen's father, who was riding in the front seat. He told police that he had turned over the driving duties to his son because he'd had too much to drink.

Open containers of beer and liquor were found in the vehicle, said Clio Police Chief James McLellan.

"[The boy] even said he didn't want to drive because he was too drunk," McLellan told The Flint Journal for a story published Thursday.

The father, a 41-year-old Flint-area man, is facing several misdemeanor counts, including child endangerment, allowing an intoxicated person to drive his vehicle and allowing an unlicensed minor to drive, police said.

The boy has been petitioned into juvenile court on charges that include driving while intoxicated, police said.

The pair were arrested the night of Nov. 8. They apparently were trying to get home when they turned into the park to turn around. The truck rolled off the pavement and became stuck in the muddy soil.

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