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The reason for collecting this info from viewers is actually because Dobbs could not get this info from the gov't. Not surpringly, they also have no numbers on the number of jobs that are given away to foreigners right here in America:
Interview With Labor Secretary Elaine Chao

DOBBS: The White House today said the decline in the unemployment rate to 6 percent is evidence that President Bush's tax cuts are working. Lou currently 4.5 percent..

Joining me now for more on labor is the secretary of the Department of Labor, Elaine Chao.

Good to have you with us, Secretary.

ELAINE CHAO, SECRETARY OF LABOR: Nice to be here. Thank you.

DOBBS: Secretary Chao, these numbers surprised most economists, 6 percent. Do you believe this means that the economy has turned, that now we're going to see substantial job creation?

CHAO: I think the labor market rebound has begun in earnest.

And the numbers are actually more positive than you paint. In the last three months, there have been 287,000 new jobs; 126,000 new jobs was created in the last month, far surpassing expectations of 65,000 new jobs. And then, last month, I had announced that 57,000 new jobs were created. And the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which produces these numbers, went back and revised the data based on actual results. And we found that, in fact, over the past three months, job creation has been more robust than had been expected.

DOBBS: Secretary Chao, you better get that whip out and fix those people over at BLS, so they get those numbers right the first time.


CHAO: They do a wonderful job. They do a wonderful job. But it's just the nature. These revisions occur all the time. And, as you well know, we have revisions twice a year as well, on top of the monthly revisions.

DOBBS: Absolutely.

And while everyone is pleased to see this unemployment rate come down, and we all hope that it will come down more, there's still nine million Americans out of work in this country, two million of them long-term unemployed. These numbers and the 126,000 jobs created last week, most of them were the retail sector. They were not high-paying jobs. These are lower-paying jobs, for the most part. But the good news is... Where did you get this information Lou? Why do not mention the source? Numbersusa?Broderpatrol? Minuteman Groups? or you making up numbers again?

CHAO: But that's not really true.

DOBBS: I beg your pardon?


CHAO: That's not really true.

Of the long-term unemployed, that number has dropped as well in the past month. So we are beginning to see a drop in the long-term unemployed. We saw a drop in the number of jobless claims filed. That is a leading indicator. The unemployment rate is a lagging indicator. And even that has shown that there's been a drop from 6.1 percent to 6 percent. And then, as a leading indicator, the jobless claims have fallen again to well over 380,000. So with GDP growth of the last quarter hitting well over 7.2 percent, and having productivity increases over 8.1 percent, which are phenomenal numbers, clearly, the economy is in full gear and the labor market...

DOBBS: Full gear?

CHAO: I think it's very strong.

DOBBS: Full gear?

CHAO: It's very strong.

DOBBS: Secretary Chao, if I may argue with you, then.

CHAO: Yes.

DOBBS: We have to create 150,000 jobs just to keep pace with population growth. We have 6 percent unemployment. We're far from being in full gear, Secretary Chao.

CHAO: Well, full gear means that the economy is fully engaged.

DOBBS: I understand what it means.


CHAO: Thank you.

What it also means is that, again, with GDP growth of 7.2 percent and a productivity growth of 8.1 percent, the productivity growth cannot continue at this level without creating permanent jobs. We're also seeing increases in temporary help supply. That's, again, a precursor to permanent hiring.

DOBBS: Right.

CHAO: And we're also seeing the average number of hours worked increase.

DOBBS: Secretary Chao, if I may...


DOBBS: We're losing hundreds of thousands jobs to outsourcing as well. We have 10 million illegal aliens in the country. The Labor Department is doing absolutely nothing on the issue of . Lou do not mention the source how many jobs were outsourcing and he rumbling on the numbers of unlawful inmigrants from 10, 12 and know 20 millions. What a pathetic liar.

CHAO: Oh, that's not true at all. Lou, you know better than that. The Labor Department does a lot of things.

DOBBS: Let me give you a couple of examples, if I may, Secretary Chao. For example, we went through a number, with the Department of Labor, to get some sort of sense of who is tracking this. We are told that the Department of Labor will fully support illegal aliens in their labor -- legal issues.

CHAO: I'm not so sure who you were talking to, Lou.

But, clearly, this is a larger issue, the whole issue of illegal immigrants, than just Labor Department.


CHAO: We serve the work force. And for people who are out of work, we have $12 billion publicly funded work force training program.

We also spend about $58 billion in unemployment insurance. For the illegal immigrant that you're talking about, H-1B visas, for example, which I think some of your people may have alluded to, that has a cap of 66,000 annually. So it's a very small part of the whole work force.


DOBBS: Secretary Chao, I personally wanted this to be just a wonderful, congratulatory discussion.

CHAO: Well, thank you.

DOBBS: But since you -- if you want to be confrontational, let me bring


CHAO: No, not at all.

DOBBS: Give me the Labor Department's best report, if you will, on the number of H-1B and L-1 visa holders in this country right now and for whom they're working. He mention many times that he is not against legal Inmigrant. So what's the purpose to question this information Lou

CHAO: H-1B visas has an annual cap now of 66,000. And that has been actually underutilized because of the high-tech situation.

DOBBS: Secretary Chao, I asked how many are in the country now working and where? Does the Labor Department have any idea?

CHAO: No. We have a work force of 146,000. So I can't tell you that.

DOBBS: One hundred forty-six.

CHAO: We do not track that. But, annually, it's a 66,000 ceiling.

DOBBS: Right. Secretary Chao, I congratulate you on what I hope and we all hope is a wonderful turn in the employment situation in this country. CHAO: Thank you.

Well, we want to help every worker that's out of work, as the president has said. We are optimistic, but not complacent. Every person -- we want to make sure that every person who wants a job will indeed get one.

DOBBS: We're with you all the way.

CHAO: Thank you.

DOBBS: Thank you very much, Elaine Chao, secretary of the Department of Labor.

Lou why you never show the other side of the unemployment rather than just blame unlawful inmigrants? Why you are not report how many womans after pregnancy desire to stay home and not go back to work? This is part of the unemployment rating, people desire to go back to school? people who who had been injuried? people who desire to establish their own business? Why you are not exposed the numbers for people just looking a real job? or you making up the numbers base on the people are outside of the freeways looking for a job? all of this is part of the equation of unemployment. Why you have not exposed the both side of the subject?

Just look at this link and see for yourself the behavior from the Minuteman group.

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