Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lou Dobbs' leprosy facts

Not only does he make up numbers and "facts," he obtains those "facts" from extremist sources whose far-right agenda his "reporting" propagandizes. That is, in fact, his established track record.


Pro Inmigrant said...

Lou, you forgot to mention that Mrs. Madeleine Cosman were mention that those new cases were from Mexicans Inmigrants and not from Asia Inmigrants.
You really missinformed the viewers.

truth seeker said...

Lou didn't make the numbers up. He got them from a credentialed source (a degreed medical lawyer). Now they may not be accurate numbers, granted.

But what are the real numbers? How far do Lou numbers diverge from the truth?

Pro Inmigrant said...

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services document that reported 7,029 cases over the past 30 years — not three and Ms. Cosman (source of information) had no medical training at all.