Thursday, May 31, 2007

Minuteman meltdown, Simcox under fire, Shut Down Minuteman Civil Defense Corporations .We’re fighting the government. I don't understand that Chris when you should be able to demonstrate to your fellow members where's the money is? I hoping not in your personal bank account? This Corporation is a joke and stealing the money from the citizens supporting themselves to this groups from the Xenophobia and fear created by the Media. (Lou Dobbs)

Could things get any worse? They can if you’re Chris Simcox, president and founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC).
MCDC state directors and national leaders tried to meet with Simcox to address issues and concerns they claimed remained unresolved.In a letter to Simcox, dated May 8, Bob Wright, New Mexico State Director, and directors from across the country, cited financial accountability as a major concern, as well as Simcox’s sole and complete control over the organization’s finances, operations, new chapter development, leadership placement, media and public relations.
They requested an update on the status of MCDC’s 501 (c) (3) application, and wanted to know what MCDC’s relationship was with Denier, Declaration Alliance, Alan Keyes, MCDC PAC, MCDC Fence, and any other organization with which MCDC has agreements.
Wright concluded, “We firmly believe in the organization we have all built and do not want to see it become fractured. This is our effort to keep MCDC whole and make it possible for future growth. We look forward to meeting with you and sharing our ideas.” Simcox notified the directors the meeting was unauthorized, and under no circumstances was it sanctioned or approved by the MCDC, Inc,” and said the Board of Directors of MCDC had never authorized a “State Leadership Committee,” stating, “[T]his shadowy entity and any business or actions proposed by it violate the organizational chain of command …” Although he said they have the right to freely assemble, Simcox said his letter served as notice to those on the cc list of Wright’s letter that Wright, Bob Thompson, Stacey O’Connell and Bill Irwin were “terminated for cause as volunteers and volunteer leaders …” adding, if others decided to attend the unsanctioned meeting, they too would be terminated.
Simcox told Sonoran News there were members who egregiously violated procedures and the organization’s bylaws, but said some of those who were terminated had been reinstated.Wright then sent a resolution, passed by 13 national/state directors, to Simcox on May 21, stating their call for a meeting was offered in good faith with the goal of resolving important issues, while “minimizing turmoil within the organization.” They said Simcox’s response threatened “the very existence of the organization at a time in our nation’s history when it is vital for all citizens to work to secure our borders and prevent amnesty.” Citing lost confidence his ability to lead MCDC, they moved that Simcox “reinstate the unjustly terminated Minutemen, immediately…” They gave him until May 24 to schedule a meeting to discuss and resolve the stated issues and said if Simcox failed to respond by May 25, 2007 it would result in the “entire matter being turned over to the national media for their investigation.” On May 25, Thompson sent out an E-mail to Oklahoma volunteers that said, “In a recent meeting … 65 percent of the national leaders and state directors voted they have lost confidence in Chris Simcox’s ability to lead MCDC.” He asked volunteers to carefully read all the documents so they would understand and know the truth, pointing out, “There was never any attempt to take over MCDC or discredit any of its members.” Two days later, an E-mail from Pat Dietrick and her husband was distributed to volunteers in Arizona.
Dietrick wrote, “[W]e are dumfounded as to what is going on. As we entered church last night, we were left speechless by a church member asking us, ‘What’s going on with the Minutemen and stealing money?’” saying they heard it on the Barry Young Show.
Dietrick said that was no surprise as Young has been saying that for years. Although invited to appear on the show, Dietrick doesn’t believe Simcox has ever appeared to prove him wrong.“We also feel like fools,” said Dietrick, “Both of us worked in the office two days a week, eight hours a day … until last October … We taught all the new volunteers and ran the office when the manager was gone.
“When we returned from vacation, we were told we were only responsible for shredding.” That meant no more E-mailing, no more data entry of new members, no more vetting, etc.Dietrick said they were told “the New Jersey representative had stolen away members or did something grievous to MCDC.” Having been active participants in all the border operations, the Dietricks wondered why they were suddenly being treated that way.
They were told “NOBODY was trusted any more.” “We left after a few months of shredding,” said Dietrick, adding, “Now I wonder what all we were shredding!” O’Connell, who is running for Phoenix City Council, District 3, was stunned by what was going on and said, “That’s no way to treat volunteers.” Simcox said, “There’s always someone not satisfied because we’re not buying them batteries for their flashlight,” and stated things like that are not unusual in an organization of such magnitude.A year ago, Jim Campbell, a retired builder and war veteran, mortgaged his home to donate $100,000 toward the Minuteman Fence Project.Campbell believes the money is going to other expenses and organizations, other than the fence and doesn’t believe the fence, as sold to the public, was being built.
On May 22, Campbell filed a complaint in Maricopa County Superior Court against Simcox, Diener Consulting and others alleging fraudulent misrepresentation, breach of contract and rescission of contract.Simcox hadn’t yet seen the complaint but said, as does Campbell’s complaint, “Campbell purchased some of the materials on his own, which are down at the border.” Simcox also said those materials caused them to have to change the design somewhat.
Then on Sunday, while attempting to register the domain name,, for her new film, Mercedes Maharis, who produced last year’s riveting documentary, “Cries from the Border,” found the domain name was already taken. It was registered to Diener Consultants, Inc., Simcox’s consultants, as is the domain name said, “This newest discovery … is off-the-charts astonishing to me.” Last year, MCDC sold, and gave away with a minimum donation, “Cries from the Border.” Maharis says she’s never received any money from MCDC or Diener, and has no idea how long her film was being used to obtain donations for MCDC.
Simcox says he knows nothing about the domain name registration but stated, “We purchased the DVDs directly from her distributor.” When Sonoran News asked about MCDC’s taxes, Simcox said, “Our Form 990 is posted right there on our Web site.” However, the 990 posted was for 2005, not 2006.
According to Simcox, MCDC has received its preliminary letter of determination from the IRS, although they recently responded to a few more questions.
“We’re fighting the government,” Simcox pointed out, “So, they’re not going to make this easy for us,” and expressed gratitude to Alan Keyes and the Declaration Alliance, which he said saved MCDC and allowed it to continue operating while dealing with the bureaucracy. Yeah right know blame bureaucreacy for the misused of donations from many Citizens.


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