Friday, May 25, 2007

Lou loves to call undocumented workers "law breakers". His family is not far away from that reality. Although undocumented workers rarely had the intention of hurting any person when they broke the law, what was Lou's wife doing with a gun at the airport? It is old news but worth reading.Dobbs' wife arrested for having handgun at Newark airport
NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — The wife of CNN host Lou Dobbs was arrested at Newark Liberty International Airport on Wednesday for having a loaded handgun in her handbag, authorities said.
Debi Dobbs, 49, of Sussex, was arrested at the security checkpoint at Terminal C after the gun was discovered, according to Allen Morrison, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates the airport.
She was arrested at 3:15 p.m. without incident, Morrison said. Debi Dobbs was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and released on her own recognizance.
A spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration said they were trying to determine the caliber of the gun.
Morrison said Debi Dobbs did not tell officers why she had the gun.
Debi Dobbs was at the airport to board a flight to Florida, authorities said. Christa Robinson, a CNN spokeswoman, confirmed that Debi Dobbs is the wife of Lou Dobbs, the host of that network's nightly business show Lou Dobbs Tonight
Robinson said Lou Dobbs was not available for comment. He was not with his wife at the airport.
Lou are you part of the Minuteman Group or Patriot Citizens? That's why you are against guns control measure? or you want to take the law on your own hands?
SHOCKER : Lou Dobb's wife is Mexican-American
This evening on CBS's "60 Minutes" Lesley Stahl interviewed the CNN anti-Mexican xenophobe Lou Dobbs. At one point in the interview Ms. Stahl commented, ". . . given the tone of his show, there's something even more surprising, something he never brings up: the fact that his wife Debi is Mexican-American."

This is quite a shock to many Mexican immigrants who have learned to dislike Dobbs because of his constant hate-mongering against what he calls criminal illegal aliens. He recently insinuated that America has the capability of rounding up all undocumented Mexicans and deporting them. Dobbs has become the "hero" of anti-Mexican xenophobes around the country.

Lou Dobbs has twin daughters with Debi whose maiden name is Segura. Mexican blood runs in the veins of his daughters, Hillary and Heather, yet he never mentions this on his anti-immigration CNN shows.

Lou and Debi Dobbs resides on a 300-acre horse farm in Sussex County, New Jersey with her Mexican parents and his mother. Leslie Stahl showed the parents of his wife and they looked totally Mexican.

About 4 years ago Debi Dobbs was arrested at the Newark Liberty International Airport after airport security found a loaded gun she was carrying in her handbag. She was charged with criminal possession of a weapon. After being fingerprinted and photographed by Port Authority Police, Debi Dobbs was released without bail. Mrs. Dobbs faced arraignment in a Newark court but the outcome of the case is not generally known


Joshua Ricardez said...

This shouldn't be surprising, nor is it anything new. Its an old way of thinking, especially in places like Texas & San Diego where Latinos have beens subjected to intense racism.

In fact, its kind of funny because it seems that, those who are usually the most bigoted, are butt ugly guys like Lou Dobbs. They like to say "i'm not a anti-Latino bigot (they are), i'm married to a Latina."

They cant resist this, and other, lame lines, ie. " I have black friends." You get the point.

The bigger question is why Dobbs and other demagagues airing these modern day pogroms don't have the courage to answer for themselves without brining in other factors.

Factors that nonetheless confirm their bigotry: Being married to a Latina, yet, choosing to remain so ignorant and racist.

Poor Ms. Dobbs, she married a fool and doesn't have the brains or the willpower to tell her husband how much of clown he truly is.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm!! That's the reason. Dobb does not get sexual satisfaction with his Mexican wife and so in frustration he decided to make the career to kick out Mexicans.

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