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A peculiar day for immigration rallies. The War of Lou Dobbs against Latinos specially Mexicans.Editor's Note: Lou Dobbs' commentary and response to his questions by me. You need a Mental Health Lou...The Undocumented Immigrants will paid for those services. Not any penny will be taking out of your pocket.

NEW YORK (CNN) -- What a spectacle, what a mess. We have a freedom of speech my friend Lou. What a day for thousands and thousands of illegal aliens and their supporters to march through the streets of many of our biggest cities demanding amnesty for illegally entering the country. You just said What a day to celebrate that Latinos are getting together in this Country eh.Are you getting afraid?

May Day was a peculiar choice for those demonstrations, a day in many countries in which international socialism is celebrated and a reminder of those old Soviet Union military parades. Not only that Lou. The latinos celebrate Labor day on May 1. That doesn't mean anything to you? Utilizing freedom of speech to be treated fairly and equally for doing hard work on this Country.
It was also an unfortunate and ironic choice on the part of the organizers of the demonstrations. May 1 in the United States is actually Law Day,
Well, Lou it was Ironic for you and the bunch of xenophobics and not for the Organizers and the Latinos but it was a day to celebrate and joy for our community that we will overcome the suppression, discrimination, and damages causing to us not only mentally but physically from all the Xenophobic and racist people on this Country.
A day first established by President Eisenhower in 1958 and ultimately codified into law in 1961 at the beginning of John F. Kennedy's administration. The purpose of Law Day is to give all Americans an opportunity to reflect on our legal heritage, and by statute, encourages "the cultivation of the respect for law that is so vital to the democratic way of life." You just said Democratic way of the Life..

I'll bet you know about the illegal alien amnesty marches, but I don't know of a single news organization, electronic or print that pointed out that May 1 is America's Law Day. The cable news networks gave almost wall-to-wall coverage to the illegal alien demonstrations, but they apparently couldn't find any American celebrating Law Day. That's telling you how important are the Latinos on this Country. Why you didn't broadcast the marches? because nobody will watch your show right? You are just a populist xenophobic
And no one seems to want to take note that we are first a nation of laws (OOPS Excuse me, You are saying no one that's mean you are included?) Invasion and broken International laws too right Lou? and that without those laws and their enforcement, the foundation of our great republic turns to sand. Wonder why Lou? because you just said No one want to see that we are a Nation of Law either yourself. What a spectacle on Law Day for demonstrators to demand amnesty for those who broke the law to enter our country, many of whom also broke the law with fraudulent documents.
Yeah Lou What a great Spectacle on May 1 our Community shows not only to this nation to the all World that we can march pacifically without any disturbance to receive respect for our Dignity, our hard work, our effort, and for our compromise to contribute and assimilate to this Great Nation.

I couldn't help but wonder as I watched monitors bringing images of the marches and demonstrations from all across the country, who should really be protesting on May Day. What about the millions of legal residents who followed the long, drawn-out process to secure a visa to enter the United States lawfully? Maybe they should be protesting. What about the seven-figure backlog at the Citizenship and Immigration Services agency of people who are following the rules. Should they demonstrate?
Yes, Lou, They were there. Many of them are Legal Residents, U.S. Citizens that their families are part of seven figure back log from I.N.S Agency..
And you are right; you couldn't help it but you should be looking yourself at the mirror how much anger, disappointment, discourage, and upset you were as you was watching the marches on the Monitors.
What about all of our fellow Americans who are being marginalized by the massive importation of illegal, low-cost and mostly uneducated labor into this country? Perhaps those citizens should take to the streets. And what about the more than 250 million Americans who make up our middle class and those who aspire to it whose wages have stagnated and who are paying for the social, medical and economic costs of illegal immigration? That's a big march.
Lou you always mention about the burden of the social services from undocumented Inmigrants to the social services but you never should real facts..
For your knowledge any Government Agency rendering social service must request a valid Social Security card, a valid identification from any State, Legal Status (Resident or U.S Citizens). Proof me that I am wrong. How the undocumented Inmigrants will be receive a service without any of these documentation. Why you are not demonstrated to your viewers how many uninsuranced people have drained the Hospitals rather than the Undocumented Inmigrants? You are a Liar Xenophobic and you know that your career will end as soon as they passed the comprehensive Inmigration Reform.

If yesterday's demonstrators and their supporters in Congress and corporate America are serious about their deep desire for American citizenship, why don't we hear any of them clearly say they're willing to give up dual citizenship? Or that they're willing to learn English and surrender demands of bilingual education? Or declare they embrace English as our official national language? Or demand that illegal employers of illegal aliens pay for the social, educational and medical costs now borne by the taxpayers?
Lou Why you should not ask to the real Americans (Native Americans) about to make their Official Language? Would you accept it? Would you be willing to learn their Language? An American Indian friend chuckles over this issue. "Our problem," he quips, "would never have arisen if we'd had a few Lou,Tancredos, Buchannan as Chiefs when the White settlers first arrived-as illegal immigrants."

Think twice before you said something. You are demanding too when you don't have the right to do so.

Yesterday was Law Day. I hope that we celebrate Law Day with a great national enthusiasm next May 1. I guarantee you I'll march in that demonstration.
And Again What a great Day to celebrate with our community that we overcome together to just a simple and common hope the American Dream.

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