Friday, May 30, 2008

Minuteman Racists??? Do they holding a racist view? Do they are Involved on Supremacist Groups? Find out..

I was browsing thru the Internet and I found a great and excellent article about the Minuteman racist view.

Looking into the Minuteman, Racism. By Joe Killian.

A lot of the blog discussion – here and elsewhere - in the wake of the Minutemen’s stop in Greensboro this week revolved around whether the group is, as the group's protestors and detractors claim, in bed with racists or motivated by racism.I think it’s important to make the distinction between people who hold racist views (some of whom were certainly in attendance at the rally, but who did not make up the entirety or even the bulk of the crowd) and people who are actively involved in organized white supremacist groups.

Chip Atkinson posted at this blog and on Ed Cone's that he was skeptical about claims of racism among Minutemen and could find no evidence of ORGANIZED racism on the part of the Minutemen or their supporters.I pointed Chip to the Southern Poverty Law center and their publication, Intelligence Report, which reports extensively on violent radical groups of all stripes and works with the United States government, sharing intelligence on domestic terrorism. Calling the SPLC too liberal to be considered credible, Chip said he still didn't buy it.And that's a valid enough position. You can't swallow everything that's given to you. It's the reader's responsibility to be somewhat skeptical and to ask for proof, particularly when information doesn't come from an actual news agency or someone with any journalism background.So, in my off-time, I did a little old-fashioned independent reporting on the claims of the SPLC and the Minuteman Project regarding ORGANIZED racists. Since I have no link with the Minutemen, the International Socialist Organization or any of the groups that protested the Minutemen and am not a member of any partisan organization I'm hoping Chip and others with questions about this take my reporting seriously or investigate it themselves. It's as accurate as I can make it, either way.A little Internet research, a few e-mails and six phone calls have produced the following:
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