Friday, May 02, 2008

Lou Dobbs the Anti Mexican travesty claimed that Mexico is the primary source of Marijuana but ignored the growing indoor farms of pot within the States.

Blame Mexico for your own ignorance and arrogance Lou.

3 Arrested After Indoor Elk Grove Pot Farm Found More Than 800 Pot Plants Discovered.

ELK GROVE, Calif. -- Police have arrested three people after discovering another indoor marijuana farm in Elk Grove, officials said Thursday.

Authorities said they found more than 800 pot plants and high-tech cultivation equipment on Wednesday while serving a warrant at a home on Bastona Drive.

Detectives arrested 46-year-old Vi Chi Hoang of Elk Grove, 23-year-old Nan Li of Elk Grove and 30-year-old Katie Li of Sacramento on suspicion of marijuana cultivation, marijuana distribution and conspiracy.
Police have found many such indoor growing operations in Elk Grove and elsewhere in the Central Valley in the past year.

6 Arrested In Oakland Pot Raids worth more than $ 6 million

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A major indoor marijuana growing operation was raided in West Sacramento on Wednesday.

Authorities said the operation was discovered inside a warehouse near a home on Jefferson Boulevard.

Investigators said they received a tip about suspicious activity in the area and staked out the property.

The West Sacramento investigation also led police to four other locations in Oakland. Authorities said four homes were searched and about 1,500 pot plants were found with a street value of $6 million.

Five men and one woman were arrested in Oakland.

Authorities said the bust would not have been possible without a tip from a neighbor.

"It was amazing months ago when we took off several of those groves in Elk Grove, the public became more educated, Elk Grove police, Natomas, West Sacramento started getting phone calls," Narcotics Enforcement Team spokesman Roy Georgie said.

The six people arrested are being held at the Yolo County Jail in Woodland

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