Saturday, April 28, 2007

U.N. Human rights expert group to identify U.S. treatment of illegal immigrants on the Criminal Detention Center Don Hutto.


A United Nations human rights expert group comes to the United States later this month to investigate a highly criticized Central Texas center for detained immigrant families.

Jorge (HOHR'-hay Bustamante is the U-N Human Rights Council's independent expert on migrant rights.

A U-N spokesman says the he will visit the T. Don Hutto facility in Taylor, Texas, which typically houses about 400 non-criminal immigrants most of them are childrens just awaiting deportation or other outcomes to their immigration cases.

He'll also examine two border areas where U-S officials have announced a crackdown on Mexicans illegally crossing the border. He'll discuss migrant issues with U-S government officials, campaign groups and immigrants during the mission, which includes a stop in Austin.

Bustamante's findings will be presented to the 47-nation rights council at its next session in June.

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