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Is Tancredo the Best the Republicans Party Can Offer?

You should be looking for somebody else.

Tancredo is a bully and a hypocrite. He got national attention after he learned about a 14-year-old honor student who had let slip to the media that his parents were undocumented aliens. Tancredo promptly called the federal immigration authorities in an apparent effort to get the boy and his family deported.
Tancredo is an irresponsible blowhard. Practically while the crime scene tape was still up, he was frantically sending out press releases trying to capitalize on the tragic 2005 murder of Denver police officer Donnie Young by an illegal immigrant who escaped back to Mexico. His performance utterly disgusted Denver's crime fighting authorities, who went so far as to criticize him for hampering their efforts to solve the case and get the murderer back to the U.S. He immediately introduced resolutions in Congress - which, like anything else Tancredo touches, didn't accomplish anything but were merely designed to look good on a press release - to supposedly force Mexico to extradite the murderer back to the U.S. While others worked diplomatically and professionally to try to get the problem solved, Tancredo acted like a bull in a china shop.
Tancredo's "chicken hawk" attitude on national defense sickens and disgusts fellow Republicans like Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman, a decorated Vietnam and Gulf War veteran who refused to share the stage with Tancredo at a pro-Iraq-war rally - since Tancredo avoided service in Vietnam by getting a medical deferment for mental health reasons. Despite not having served in the military, Tancredo likes nothing more than running around with a U.S.S. Ronald Reagan "gimme cap" on his head: a reminder of his Congressional tour of the warship. He even has the gall to question the personal courage of his most recent opponent, decorated Marine and Navy veteran Bill Winter.
Tancredo is a leech. The power of federal incumbents to get re-elected is well known. Only a small fraction of incumbents in any district ever lose an election. Tancredo's district is normally a safe Republican seat, and it will get even safer for Tancredo over the years now that he has actually broken his term limits pledge and been elected to a fourth term Ufffff Another Hugo Chavez???. Tancredo now has job security unlike anything remotely enjoyed by the vast majority of his forgotten constituents.
Unless, that is, the voters finally get wise and decide that somebody else could do a better, more effective job for the district's inhabitants, and that Tancredo is all hat and no cattle.
Tancredo panders to racists. He likes to talk in apocalyptic terms about the forces of "radical multiculturalism" threatening to knock down America's doors. For example, according to commentator Paul Jacob, Tancredo recently said: "There are places right now in East L.A. and southern Texas that you would honestly - there is absolutely nothing that you would say makes them part of the United States of America. They are a separate country - it is a separate country - right now, at this moment." (Mr. Jacob responds: "Uh . . . how about a desire for freedom and to build a better life, Congressman Tancredo? Isn't that what makes these people Americans - regardless of the language they speak or their race or creed?") Tancredo's support by racist groups and heavy funding by known racists was exposed by the Bill Winter campaign in 2006.
Tancredo disparages American Muslims in general: "Now how many people in their heart of hearts in (the Islamic Community) want to see the demise of this country? How many would cheer, not out loud maybe, but in their hearts when things like 9/11 occur? I'll tell you; it's a majority." (Mr. Jacob replies: "Cripes. I guess if you can't prove your lineage going back to the Mayflower, you're some kind of traitor.")
Of coure, it's attitudes like that - all Muslims are bad - that make it easy for Tancredo to slip into mind-blowing "hypothetical" suggestions to "take out" Islamic "holy sites" in response to a terrorist attack on America. Tancredo is truly at war, in his heart, with the entire 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, including patriotic American citizens - not just the few extremists who are responsible for terrorism.
Tancredo pandered to racists by attending a rally in South Carolina in 2006, speaking from a Confederate-flag-bedecked podium to an audience that included people in Confederate uniforms and "redshirts" from a local white-supremacist group, and even - he admits this! - joining his audience in singing "Dixie"! No wonder racist groups like American Vanguard and Stormfront absolutely love him.
Tancredo is out of touch with what his constituents need. Most of Tancredo's constituents are in no imminent danger of having illegal aliens at their doorsteps. (Unless, like Tancredo, they've actually paid such aliens to remodel their homes). If Tancredo wants to be a modern-day, single-issue crusader, he can damn well do so on his own nickel, and instead let someone else represent the many, varied needs of the 6th Congressional District's residents. At a time when Colorado is losing more tax money to Washington than it gets back, maybe, just maybe, his district's voters will someday conclude that Colorado can afford "losing" Tancredo and his paltry few years of Congressional seniority so that a more effective and trustworthy candidate can replace him...
But don't count on it anytime soon. Tancredo will likely be in office for years to come, feeding at the public trough, occasionally uttering controversial statements so as to stay in the public eye... yet continuing to accomplish nothing of substance.
Want more details? Visit the Tancredo Watch blog for the continuing pathetic saga that is Congressman Tom Tancredo.

Tancredo support in N.H. shifts by 50 percent!
But in the wrong direction.

The latest poll for likely Republican New Hampshire primary voters has seen Tom Tancredo's support drop by 50 percent in the last three months: from a meager 2% in January to a humiliating last-place finish of 1% in April.

At this rate, Tancredo will soon be in negative numbers.

Tancredo trails Huckabee, Paul, Hunter: every last one of 'em. And that's with Pat Buchanan's sister Bay feverishly working on Tom's behalf, trying to re-create some of that 1992 Pat Buchanan "culture war" magic.

Heck, non-candidate Fred Thompson - whose only claim to fame since 2002 is that he plays a fine, baritone-voiced prosecutor on "CSI" - has six times Tancredo's support.

Sorry, all you Tancredo supporters out there who so feverishly email me, assuring me that Tancredo is going to roll to victory in 2008. Ain't gonna happen. Save your money.
Polling Data Voting intention - 2008 New Hampshire Republican primary
Apr. 2007 Jan. 2007
Mitt Romney 25% 13%
John McCain 25% 26%
Rudy Giuliani 19% 20%
Fred Thompson 6% --
Ron Paul 2% 1%
Chuck Hagel 1% 3%
Mike Huckabee 1% --
Duncan Hunter 1% 1%
Tom Tancredo 1% 2%
Condoleezza Rice -- 7%
Newt Gingrich -- 6%
George Pataki -- 1%
Undecided 17% 15%

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