Saturday, April 28, 2007

Minutemen protest tomorrow, first on Canadian soil

VANCOUVER - People in the Fraser Valley will be lining up at the US border tomorrow to protest the Minutemen who patrol their neighbourhoods, making it the first confrontation on Canadian soil.

Kirk Shields-Priddy with the Fraser Valley chapter of Project Ploughshares says it's time Canadians speak up and show the Americans who invade their private properties that they don't want them around.

'In a neighbourhood where children play and people are coming to and from work, people are working at their farms or riding horses, the presence of vigilantes possibly carrying guns is a local safety concern'

The afternoon protest will focus on 0 Avenue from Blaine to Sumas where Minutemen have been patrolling for the past two years.

The civilian border patrolling organization claims to be helping maintain security, but Shields-Priddy says even Americans in Whatcom County have posted signs on their property banning the group.

We dont want any Minuteman Group or association around our communities either in our own Country...

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