Friday, April 13, 2007

Geraldo Rivera exposes Bill O'Reilly as a Bigot. 04/06/2007

Another Lou Dobb Stunt... That is still the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard. Both of these windbags are there just to keep our attention away from the REAL PROBLEMS.


Anonymous said...

I am an award-winning writer of Inspirational fiction. One of my books, The Winds of Sonoma is about a Mexican who crosses the border illegally. The book has won numerous national awards. It was also nominated by the publisher, Baker Books/Revell, one of the largest publishers of Inspirational fiction, for two Christy awards. Few Inspirational books have a Mexican hero and none have a hero who has crossed the border illegally. But through the use of story, my readers are able to identify with him, his plight, and the path he has chosen.

I wrote the book because I am sickened at the way the media has demonized the illegals who come here looking for a better way of life. Every time I see Geraldo defending the illegal's on television I think to myself, if he knew about this book he could tell Bill O'Reilly to read it, or send it to him, and let him get a true perspective about who these people really are. But, of course, without a high profile, few people outside readers of Inspirational fiction even know about this book. Any ideas how to get the word out? I have received so many letters from people who tell me they had a prejudice against the illegals, but after reading the book now see them in a different light.

If you are wondering why I have a passion for this subject, this book was inspired by a true story, my story. I am married to a Mexican who came here illegally years ago. He cleaned the stalls of my Arabian horses in Sonoma California! We have made a beautiful life together, but unfortunately, the plight of his people is the same today as it was then. That needs to change.


Nikki Arana
2007 Excellence in Media Silver Angel Award

American Christian Fiction Writers Book of the Year - Women's Fiction

Winner of The Beacon Award

Jessie Cameron Alison Writer of the Year Award

Pro Inmigrant said...

Welcome Mrs. Nikki and thanks for stopping by!!! It always makes me happy to hear people say that they are going make a conscience effort to learn more about the seriousness of this matter. When it comes to advocating a human life, the issue goes beyond Xenophobia and Anti Inmigrant it goes to racism. So How is it that a nation that prides itself on “family values” has resorted to putting growing numbers of families in an environment that erodes, rather than preserves, family values? and degrading, humilliated, acussing them of terrorists, rapist, and goes beyong a word you can even imagine.
That's why I started this blog because many racist indiviuals, groups were denigrating human life and they labeled theirselves as a Patriots, Heroes, etc. that's ashame.