Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mexicans dying every day by U.S Illegal guns.

In the absence of controls that has the U.S. government to curb the illegal traffic of arms that comes from that nation into Mexico, a PRI senator, Fernando Castro Trenti urged the Federal Executive to ask the U.S. authorities a vigorous fight against of this illegal activity.

Similarly, the Senate made a drive to the U.S. Congress and their state legislatures to legislate to combat the easy access in the existing legal procedures for the purchase and sale of firearms "through a point of agreement House of the Upper House, which urged the Mexican government to take in the matter, noted the PRI legislator.

Also the chairman of the Committee on Legislative Research, First in the Upper House, called on the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, the Tax Administration Service, the Ministry of Public Administration and the Attorney General's Office to conduct all investigations needed to debug the customs of those elements infiltrated by organized crime, because not only is due to combat illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs but all those mechanisms that make it possible.

"It is undeniable that the use of firearms is an indispensable tool for organized crime and in particular for drug trafficking," with which "inflict fear and terror among our citizens, so it is imperative to focus its combat illegal trafficking Both arms and cartridges, to the serious situation of violence in Mexico today, "he said.

The chief of Mexico's war on drug gangs said Washington should concentrate on halting the flow of arms to Mexican drug cartels rather than haggle over how much aid to give Mexico's anti-smuggling operation.

Wow! So American politicians are worried about crime increasing along with Undocumented immigration from Mexico, and the Mexican government is concerned that loose U.S. gun laws are fueling violence and gun trafficking in their nation!

That is some sad irony, a tragic one to be sure.

The Reuters story continues:

Reacting to a vote by U.S. lawmakers to trim an aid package for the drug war, Mexico's deputy attorney general, Jose Luis Santiago Vasconcelos, said an alternative would be to keep the cash in the United States and use it to curb illegal arms trafficking across the border.

"Some of us were talking, remarking that, well, this (sum of money) is all very well, but why don't we tell the Americans they could spend it on their (border security forces) to stop the flow of arms to Mexico," Santiago Vasconcelos said in remarks on local radio distributed by his office on Saturday.

Indeed, Vasconcelos claims that 97 percent of the guns used by the drug gangs come illegaly from the U.S. That’s 97%!!!!!!!!!. Woooooow

One of the sad ironies we recall of going into Mexico (and Canada) as a tourist is the presence of signs that indicate that bringing firearms into those two nations is prohibited.

But obviously, the gun industry in the U.S. is "looking the other way" and making money off of the drug cartel battles in Mexico which also spill across the border into our nation. Mexico is pleading with us to stop guns from the U.S. from entering into their nation.

We support their call, and we double down by asking that Congress stop guns from so easily entering our own communities here in the United States.

Profit based on the shedding of blood is a profit worth living without.

The Mexican government understands that – and our elected officials should too.

This, As I explained, because more than half of illegal firearms that are in our country and the park or ammunition for use come from the U.S., not only are trafficked by gangs or organized crime, but by American citizens who also have large facilities to acquire them.

But no one seems interested on doing something about it. Many Mexican police officers and Innocent civilians has been killed everyday by powerful Illegals U.S. Guns.
Nationwide, more than 4,000 people have been killed last year, according to Mexican media reports, many of them law enforcement agents doing battle with powerful drug gangs.

Sinaloa, a fertile state on the Pacific coast, has long been at the center of Mexico's drug trade. It has become a hub of violence since President Felipe Calderon dispatched an army of soldiers and federal police to take on some of the biggest drug lords.

The alarming level of violence -- shootouts almost every day -- has sown panic and fear among a normally resilient citizenry.

Less than two months ending in 2008, violence reached a 99 policemen have been killed in Sinaloa.
The death toll has quadrupled with respect to 2007, when it counted in the archives journalistic killed 25 officers

According to records of the debate, the corporation hardest hit by crime has been the Municipal Police, with 37 casualties, and leaving behind dozens of orphans and widows.

The fight against crime has also claimed the death of 24 ministerial elements, who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Since the arrival of federal forces to the state, with the launching of joint operational Culiacan-Navolato last May, have also killed 14 Federal policemen .

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Anonymous said...

Was Jose Luis Santiago Vasconcellos speaking from beyond the grave? He was killed in the same plane crash that killed Juan Camilo Mourino. Vasconcellos did indeed make the remarks attributed to him, but the U.S. didn't pay any attention to what he said at the time, and I don't see much evidence that there are any plans to change the status quo in the new Administration.