Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The undesirables in U.S.
God bless America

I ask you as a Citizen and Hispanic origin, when is enough, is enough?.”

A century ago; the Irish and Chinese were feasting together on poor, unsuspecting Uncle Sam. Immigrants - Jews, Russian and Italians - were treated as a rats infesting the nation. Today, it’s the Mexicans who are infecting the U.S. with “unbounded levels of immigration labeled them as the worse criminals, rapists, drug addicts, and the list goes on and on. The Target change but the fear remain the same.

The same anti-immigrant sentiment vitrol of a century ago — only the country of origin and the color of skin have changed.

As a result, the poisonous residue of immigrant scapegoating has accumulated in the margins, fueling the rise of hate groups setting their sights on Latinos, regardless of citizenship status.

We must change the direction of this Anti Immigrant sentiment know. Unfortunately we do not have a political voice either government representation as a minority group at any level. When the Anti Immigrants has been incorporated into every level of government, the number of raids, detentions and deportations has skyrocketed.
We have been ignored and in such a polarized and ugly environment we need to stand and raise our voices for Human and Civil rights. Otherwise we will be marginized from America.

from Cable-TV pundits and radio shock-jocks to partisan "research" organizations such as the Center for Immigration Studies - has crafted in the public mind the archetype of the undocumented immigrant as Latino, as criminal, and as a threat to the "American way of life." This has opened the gates for the re-emergence of traditional hate groups, and fertilized the soil for the growth of new ones.
They continue scapegoating Latinos just for ignorance, and because we have a different color of skin

It's time to said enough is enough. Basta, abbastanza è abbastanza, bastante é bastante, genug sein genug, asse'est assez,genoeg is genoeg.

It's time to embrace our family and personal values, dignity, support, tolerance and build our leadership amongst ourselves. Latinos, Hispanics we are a majority minority group who can make the difference, the change.

We need to stop being used as a tool of propaganda for political purpose, economic failure, Natural disasters and individual paranoid interest.

Basta I will raise my voice until someone hear me and God Bless America.

MANASSAS, Va. (AP) - Federal immigration authorities have arrested 34 Latin American nationals at a Prince William County construction company for being in the U.S. illegally.
A spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says the workers are from Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica and El Salvador. They are in ICE custody undergoing deportation proceedings.
The arrests occurred Monday at work sites for CMC Concrete Construction in the Manassas area.

ICE spokeswoman Ernestine Fobbs could not discuss why the construction company drew federal attention, saying two search warrants executed in connection with the operation were under seal.

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