Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hate Crime Instigated by Political Anti-Immigrant Rhe...

The Historic of attacks on Hate crimes against Latinos said another history.
hate climbed against due to the Political Rethorica language, Latinos were the victims for hate crimes climbing 61 percent from previous years.

In the five years from 2003-2007, the number of hate crimes reported against Hispanics increased nearly 40 percent (from 426 in 2003 to 595 in 2007). Of all hate crimes reported in the United States in 2007, 7.8 percent were committed against Hispanics. Of hate crimes in 2007 motivated by bias due to the victim's ethnicity or national origin, nearly 60 percent were committed against Hispanics, up nearly 50 percent from 2003. This alarming increase, and its correlation to increasingly virulent anti-immigrant rhetoric

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