Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hitler's Perfect Children part 1

They were bred to rule the world, but fate has consigned many to shattered, painful lives. HITLER'S PERFECT CHILDREN reveals how Lebensborn operated.

Blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin were the hallmarks of the ideal Nazi citizen. In order to insure the future of the "1000 Year Reich," Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS, established the Lebensborn Foundation in 1935. Put simply, its goal was to breed Aryans.
HITLER'S PERFECT CHILDREN reveals how Lebensborn operated. Aryan women (especially the wives of SS men) were given the best possible pre and post-natal treatment, providing they could prove their own racial purity and that of the father. But only 7500 children were born in German Lebensborn facilities from 1935 to '45, so Himmler looked beyond Germany. In Scandinavia, he struck genetic gold, and thousands of women in occupied nations produced Aryan children in Lebensborns. And in Poland, up to 200,000 children were taken from orphanages or their parents to be raised as Germans. Only 40,000 returned to their homeland after the war

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