Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Arpaio caught racial profiling, stalking public officials and neglecting his duties.

Included is footage and testimony from Abigail Brown, a rape victim who was filmed by the rapists. MCSO closed the case using "exceptional means" meaning they didn't feel like investigating or charging anyone and gave no explanation. The Goldwater Institute called on Attorney General Terry Goddard to investigate these cases and the very next day he finds himself being stalked by MCSO.

Arpaio's excuse? No opportunitty for justice..

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Belinda Rodriguez (Mexican American) said...

I feel so much for the little girl in video,who's parents were DEPORTED,while trying to provide for their family.I am a mother of 3 and can not even imagin what I would do if I were ever seperated from them.My heart goes out to all the familes who are suffering from being torn apart from their loved ones for not having "papeles" . We should not be treated this way. Have HOPE MI RAZA, SI SE VA PODER, I don't when,pero OUR TIME WILL COME and all of this will be part of our history "OUR HISPANIC AMERICAN HISTORY" WALK TALL and have FAITH MI RAZA, THEY CAN'T DEPORT US ALL !!! GOD BLESS THE POOR, THE TIRED AND THE HUNGRY..... GOD BLESS HISPANOS............ QUE VIVA MI RAZA!!!!