Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Sound of Hate

The sound of Hate within the Minuteman and supporters.

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Vicente Duque said...

Let's Demonstrate on May First for Kindness and Justice - But NO Latino Machos in Demonstrations Please ! - Let's be Peaceful !

Let's Demonstrate on May First of 2009 with Prudence, Caution and Wisdom. But do not push for Impossible Legislative Agendas that would destroy Mr Obama. And let's be peaceful.

The Democratic Party is larger than just the Latino Component. There are Blacks, Asians, Native Americans, the Educated Whites, the Many Millions of Noble Whites, the Millions of Kind White People, The Intelligent White People and others. There are many more millions than the Latinos, and do not forget those that dislike Religious Extremism and Christian Talibans.

The United States is larger than the Democratic Party and the Latinos combined.

And the World is larger than the USA.

So I would love to see "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" ( the CIR ) because it is Humane, Kind, Natural, and good for the U. S. Economy.

But given the Level of Hate, Sadism and Brutality The CIR is a dangerous proposition, project or bill to send to Congress.

But for the Good of All People of America and the World, I hope that Mr Obama does not send that bill to Congress.

Because then Mr Obama and his party would fall in a trap or quagmire. The Republicans would be the happiest with all the Racists and Scoundrels activated and energized.

Mr Obama would give a banner to a Republican Party that is in Extreme Ideological Poverty, Absolute Povery of Ideas.

What is better than to have a "Common Enemy", and "Enemy of America" in Latinos.

To revive all the Forces of Scoundrels, to Energize haters.

The best beneficiaries would be the TV Merchants of Hate and TV Peddlers of Fear.

Their audiences, ratings and earnings would immediately increase.

Hate and Fear are powerful forces.

Mr Obama would paralyze Congress and Legislation and even his administration with this imprudent project.

And the Whole World would suffer from an America that is paralyzed by stupid and imbecile haters. And we would harm the legislative agendas of Blacks, Asians, Native Americans and many millions of Kind and Noble Whites.

I am posting videos of May First marches to encourage people, but I am also advising moderation, prudence, caution, calm, and wisdom.

And avoid confrontations with scoundrels. First the security of Women, Children and the Old.

No Latino Machos in Demonstrations Please !

Vicente Duque