Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hate crime killed for looking at a white woman

As I always said when intolerance will be change out of society and minds...Any Human life is priceless....There is no excuse for Hate crime..


Vicente Duque said...

Kicking heads as Footballs - New Sport in Town ( in Shenandoah Pennsylvania ) :

People love sports and are always inventing new variations. Now we are studying sports that involve the use of heads.

I know that in Ancient Egypt Pharaos like Ramses II ( the Great ) practiced the sport of smashing nuts on the heads of prisoners. Others put heads on posts and picks and on the tops of City Walls.

In the Pacific Islands and the Amazon Basin the sport of hunting heads was much practiced, and there was another companion hobby of shrinking the heads of enemies in boiling pots, with special shrinking herbs.

In England they invented the most important invention of all times the "Football", that is Soccer, and English Football has beautiful movements like shooting the ball with your head in between the goalposts, and under the crossbar that defines the door or arch of the other team.

There have been famous players like BAM-BAM Zamorano of Chile that always scored goals with his head.

English Football is the most important invention because it is the greatest craze in the whole world, they also invented the Football Hooligans and we Latinos soon copied that beautiful piece of "Western Civilization" ...

Many people died of a heart attack when Brazil or Argentina scored a goal that saved the World Coup Classification in the spare time given by the referee. Others commited suicide in Colombia when a famous player and "crack" squandered a penalty that could have advanced the National Selection for the World Championship and World Cup.

The New sport of Kicking heads could become an Olympic Sports, fut first there is a trial and a prosecutor, a jury and a judge, and they can give a lot of help to the new practice of kicking heads of people that are unconscious on the floor.

And so, the eyes of the World are on the Trial of the Shenandoah Pennsylvania Football Players and Kickers of Heads.

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Coward Terrorists acquitted in Horrible Murder

Complicit Complacency of Juries and Authorities with Sadistic Racial Murder

Miscarriage and Perversion of a Racist Justice System

Luis Ramirez was killed for Racial Reasons in Shenandoah Pennsylvania, in July of 2008. The conduct of many people in the town afterwards was of sheer BASTARDY, RACISM and SADISM. The Topmost in TERRORISM.

Instead of feeling ashamed, they have become more violent, brutal, racist and sadistic.

People applauded and cheered the Coward Terrorists in court. Great Enthusiasm for Racism, Sadism and Bastardy.

The man Luis Ramirez ( not an animal but a man ) was kicked to death while being unsconscious on the floor, he was kicked on the head by the Coward Bastards.

Complicit Complacency, Leniency and Impunity beget more murders.

Vicente Duque