Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Brutal and racist attack against Latinos.!!!!

Ya Bastaaaa. Ya BASTA, Enough is enough. One single hate crime is more than enough.!!!!!!! Alert, Alert. Alert, Alert, Alert.
This situation must called for immediate action Know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Action. Action.
The question is how are all these haters succeeding in the face of hate crime legislation?. High Alert! Some “hate groups,” they warn, are changing their approach and attempting to use Latinos, Hispanics people as vehicles for their purposes. Ashamed and Outrageous this type of crimes still happen in United States of America.!!!!!!

Colombian immigrant Wilter Sanchez, 33, was brutally attacked in Wednesday afternoon by a gang of hate-filled thugs in the town of North Plainfield, New Jersey.

Doctors at the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick say that Sanchez is lucky to be alive given his injuries. They are set to perform reconstructive surgery on Sanchez' face as soon as the swelling eases.

Five African American men between the ages of 17 and 19 young years of age were arrested for the hate crime. Continue Reading here: Source:

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Vicente Duque said...

To Pro Immigrant :

Thanks for your Information and your excellent website. I find it very strange that the Big Newspapers are not giving information and only Bloggers talk about this Brutal Attack.

Of course "La Prensa" and Telemundo are important but this silence is weird.

I keep a record of Racial Attacks, and Murders too. This is beginning to look as a Big Roster of Names : Latinos, Blacks, Asians, and also Gays, Lesbians, etc ...

I keep saying that the Big Apple became a Clockwork Orange. And that Impunity begets murder.

Sometimes I think that I am mad and that all this Brutality can not be real.

Here are my lists of victims or Racial Attacks :

Vicente Duque