Saturday, January 31, 2009

Again Republican Politic misleading America.!!!!!!!!. Where are those facts?


What we're seeing from Republicans on immigration so far this Congress is kind of like Groundhog Day, Memento, and a Bush State of the Union Address all rolled into one. Call it cyclical delusion.

GOP strategists keep talking about how the Party needs to make nice with Hispanic voters, but Republicans just can't seem to resist reaching for that trusty "Scapegoat the Immigrants" playbook, and thinking that it will work this time. At this rate, Republican lawmakers are set to turn every single piece of legislation into a nasty debate about immigration.

Earlier this month, Republicans tried to block health care for kids ( on the grounds that legal immigrant children would qualify), and now they are trying to delay passage of the economic stimulus package because of immigration issues. Reid says the bill has nothing to do with anything illegal -- and that it creates jobs for people in this country lawfully.

If this scenario sounds hopelessly familiar, it's because we've been through it before.

The anti-immigration wing of the GOP, with its single-minded, extreme immigration focus, may block progress on crucial issues in the short term, but it will come at the price of getting bulldozed by a new political reality.

Right Dana Rohrabacher? Do you want an Honest and open discussion about Undocumented Immigration? Open your eyes and ears, do not be blind to miss facts from Lou Dobbs and Minuteman groups..They are thousands of facts out there from Government agencies that U.S. Citizens are the major factor of draining social services, do not misleading, scapegoating, diminished the Undocumented people. We always trended to blamed the people who do not have a voice either a vote. You want facts? There too close to you. Seems that you are following the trend and vision of Tom Tancredo that rounded up and deported all undocumented Immigrants will solve our Immigration and Financial crisis or even restore the rule of Law. Did you ever saw someone driving more than the speed limit? That's illegal right? Then How come we fight at war with other Countries for Liberties, Freedom but we are not let people stay here for those who are running away from their Country of origin for Freedom, and liberties? Are you there? or you want me to continue?. Follow me........

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