Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Uniform Deception: Government Secrets Part 1

Government ostensibly operates for the people. The 'UNITED STATES' is set up to protect its citizens. The very Preamble to the Constitution states that the function of government is to establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, and to promote general welfare. How then has the government come to be so overbearing and oppressive in our everyday lives? Our government, set up by the people and subservient to the people, has transformed into an ominous beast that forcefully removes your wages and dictates what you can and can not do even if those actions do not infringe on another's rights. 'Registrations', 'applications', and 'submissions' all keep us tied down to the political machine that controls our lives in the form of licenses, income tax, property tax, and statutory code. The problem now becomes this. What are the secrets that the government does not want us to know or understand that allows us to enter into this trapped state? I will address ten of these secrets in ten parts. The first article will deal with how the government uses the Uniform Commercial Code to make you a ward of the state.

All commerce is regulated. The Uniform Commercial Code, the UCC, codifies the rules of commercial transactions between all individuals, states, and countries. So, in theory, if we are not engaging in commerce the UCC should not apply. This is truly the crux of the matter. No matter what you do, if your parents registered you for a birth certificate, a Certificate of Live Birth was generated by the state where you were born. The birth certificate that your parents 'applied' for did not say birth certificate on it. That's what you get back in the mail a few weeks later. That application says 'Certificate of Live Birth'. 'Applying' for this Certificate of Live Birth constitutes a commercial contract and henceforth, the child stands as a ward of the state from that point onward. All of us are deceived into selling our children into servitude directly out of the womb because we are told that we 'must'. Your birth certificate is only a receipt in evidence that you entered into a commercial contract with the state. The Certificate of Live Birth winds its way through the bureaucratic process and makes its way to Washington, DC. Yes, that's right. Washington, DC. Within seventeen days of your birth and your parents' 'application' for a Certificate of Live Birth, you are registered with the Federal Government.

Your Certificate holds the status of a bonded instrument. It has monetary value. A bond number is assigned and printed on the back. The government can even use this bonded instrument to make more money using your legal 'person' as the instrument of transaction. Why does Washington, DC want a record of every living person? To tax you of course. That is why your bonded COLB has value. They are leveraging their future ability to tax you.

One needs to step back from this for a moment and consider a few things. First, notice some definitions. Look back over the article and find the words in quotes. The legal definitions of the words are highly important.

UNITED STATES: The corporation usurping the sovereignty of the united States of America. All caps is UCC legal standard.

Registration: Recording in official record.
Application: To request of beg for something.
Submission: A yielding to authority.
Person: A legal construct representing a commercial contractee.
Must: Designating a required action before another action can take place.

So, with these definitions in mind, think about the whole COLB process. The UNITED STATES says that you must submit and application for a Certificate of Live Birth to register your child as a legal person. Dissecting this statement, we get this. A corporate entity is telling us that we must do something. We must submit an application. We must beg the UNITED STATES to let us yield our natural authority over our child (and ourselves when we are grown) over to them and register our act of yielding our natural authority in an official corporate record. Why 'must' we? Because if we don't we will not be registered. You must submit an application in order create a Certificate of Live Birth to create a 'person'. What if you don't want your child associated with a 'person'? Then don't yield your natural authority over yourself or your child over to the UNITED STATES. Don't fill out the application. 'Must' only means that if you agree to the procedure and want to participate, then the action required to get the ball rolling is for you to 'submit' and 'application'.

Since we enter into a commercial contract with the state at birth, we are bound by the UCC. We gave up our right to be over the government by submitting to them in writing. We are all wards of the state and that is why they can force you to pay taxes, obey stupid laws, and throw you in jail for not cooperating with them. You submitted to their authority at birth. The UCC in turn governs all of our behavior, so we must act as if we are always engaging in commerce.

Under the Constitution, there is no such thing as a UNITED STATES citizen. We are all State Nationals; citizens of our state of birth. There are procedures utilizing the UCC to extricate you from government oppression. There is a remedy. There has to be or under our current legal system, the legislators whom allowed this atrocity to befall the American people would be punishable under fraud and treason against the Constitution. The twist is this. Even though the remedy has to exist, they do not have to tell you what it is or how to pursue it. Hence, we are all trapped in a catch 22 from a time when we are unable to make a decision for ourselves. I've researched the topic and you can get in a great deal of trouble if it is not done right. I don't think I'm going to do it. There are other routes to protect yourself. Set up a corporation to protect your assets. There is an abundance of information all over the web for how to do this. For me personally, I do not want to land in jail because I sent a Claim of Right to the wrong official or filed a UCC claim at the wrong office. You can find people to help with this, but it's hard to tell the con men from the legitimate professionals.
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