Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ex-counselor indicted in kid-sex case. Acussed of molesting 11 year old girl 35 times. Mr. Joe Arpaio enforce the rule of law to real criminals not scapegoating, persecuting legal and undocumented Immigrants.

A former Mesa family counselor accused of molesting his former girlfriend's 11-year-old daughter was indicted on 35 sex charges by a Maricopa County grand jury.William Lewis Riedel, 43, and his 55-year-old former girlfriend were charged in Friday's indictment with a total of 60 counts. Each was charged with multiple counts of sexual conduct with a minor, sexual abuse, molestation of a child, conspiracy to commit sexual exploitation of a minor and unlawful administration of liquor or narcotic drugs.The girl was given sleeping pills so she could be photographed and molested during a three-month period during 2006, according to Mesa police. The victim's mother is not being identified by The Arizona Republic to protect the victim's identity.

Riedel told police he met the victim's mother at an apartment complex and "groomed" her into helping him molest her daughter from January to March 2006. Riedel purchased the sleeping pills and instructed the victim's mother to tell the victim to take the medication for treatment of her allergies.Police found "thousands" of child pornographic images when they seized Riedel's computer

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