Friday, June 01, 2007

Shocking news ..Border Patrol Agent shot down to an apparent(?) Unlawful Inmigrant and Lou Soups Air Time to Supremacist Again..You are not learning Lou..Shame on CNN and Lou Dobbs.I believe that you are the Bozo of the news and I am wondering why you never show or published this incident in your show or CNN.
Up next, we will have two perspectives from veterans of that 1986 amnesty law, Senator Alan Simpson, one of bill's architects and sponsors, and Bill King, former chief Border Patrol agent. He was responsible for administering the results of that legislation. We will have his perspective on that and this current effort. Current Effort Lou? Could you explained to me? or another leak from you to came out of the closet as a Racist.

Former senior Border Patrol agent and Immigration and Naturalization Service Regional Director Bill King joins us to tell us why the amnesty law of '86 didn't work, which he had to administer, and why this new one isn't likely to work much better.

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DOBBS: Two border state governors today complaining the Bush administration is shipping needed Border Patrol agents from their borders to Iraq to train Iraqi security forces.

Arizona's governor, Janet Napolitano, New Mexico's governor, presidential candidate Bill Richardson, sent a letter to the secretary of state, saying, "The administration needs to decide whose security is more important, America's or Iraq's."

Both governors are Democrats, Governor Richardson, of course, a candidate for the Democratic presidential election. That in no way diminishes, at least in my view, the logic of their statement.

Critics of the new amnesty legislation compare it to the failed immigration law of 1986. Bill King is one of those critics. King was senior Border Patrol agent and, later, regional director for the Immigration and Naturalization Service during the 1986 amnesty, joining us tonight from California.
Good to have you with us, Bill.

The -- the idea that 1986 -- let's -- first, your view. The 1986 amnesty legislation, did it create more problems or solve more problems?

And, in fact, going back to the '86 program, it was the largest program ever undertaken by the INS up to that point. Logistically, it was a nightmare. And that was just simply to process, roughly, 3.1 million people.

The size and magnitude of this current plan is, to me, unmanageable.

DOBBS: Right.

KING: I don't think the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services is in a position to handle it.

DOBBS: Well, you know, even the head of CIS has basically admitted as much. No one, of course, in the Senate, the Democratic leadership, or the White House wants to acknowledge that.
But let me ask you this. Why in the world, in your judgment, could the United States government not secure its borders from 1986 to the -- to current day?

KING: Lack of political will.

I have listened to promises for the last 50 years about how the border situation is going to be improved, how interior enforcement will work. None of it has ever happened. As you know, the employer sanctions bill in the '86 program was a dismal failure. I can see nothing more than the same thing happening again with this new program.
DOBBS: And, so, when this president, Senator Kennedy, the Democratic leadership in the Senate tell us that we are going to see 18,000 Border Patrol agents, you're not buying it?

KING: No, sir.

Look back to the last election cycle, when President Bush was promising 10,000 new Border Patrol agents, at the rate of 2,000 a year for five years. That didn't happen. I doubt that we will see 18,000 Border Patrol agents.

We have 6,000 National Guardsmen down there on the border now. They're serving -- serving in secondary roles. And, as far as I'm concerned, they should be trained to interdict both the drugs coming into this country and the illegal aliens.

DOBBS: Right.

And give us your best assessment, Bill, if you will. From your perspective and your experience, what would it take to secure that border and to secure our ports?

KING: Well, I will tell you, Lou, frankly, three years ago, I, along with another friend of mine (Glen Spencer??), put together a petition to the president to put the military on the border.
We have the best-trained, best-equipped troops in the world.


KING: They do what they're told. They do it well. And that's...


KING: ... the only short-term solution available.

DOBBS: Well, instead, Bill, as you know, if I may use this expression, some bozo in this administration came up with a brilliant idea, instead of doing that, to send the Border Patrol agents to Iraq.
But you got to love government work, right?

KING: Well, I'm not sure I do...


KING: ... any longer.

DOBBS: Right.

KING: It's -- it's just totally out of hand.


KING: The American public is paying the price for all of it, and it will... Yeah Mr. King they will continue to paying as longest tey continue donate they money to Supremacist Groups.

KING: ... only get worse.

DOBBS: And the idea of the nation's sovereignty seems to be not even in the top 10 of any priority on the part of most of our elected officials in Washington, unfortunately.

Bill King, a great pleasure to have you with us tonight.


DOBBS: We -- and we hope we can talk again soon.

KING: Well, thank you very much. It was a pleasure.

DOBBS: Bill King.
American Border Patrol performed an aerial survey of the border the morning of Monday, June 12. A careful look flying in both directions from near the New Mexico border to the Huachuca Mountains found only two vehicles that appeared to be military in nature. These were construction vehicles parked on a dirt lot at the Douglas Border Patrol Station. "We saw no other evidence of the National Guard on the border," said pilot Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol and he is the President of American Patrol Report.Do you think something is linking to Mr. Bill King with Glenn Spencer?? And do you think Lou did not know about it?
I doubt it.. Lou knows was he is doing, he planning to run for President but for President of a Circus.


Anonymous said...

Bill King is only one member of the Board of Directors of American Border Patrol. There are three other members on the board.

The American Patrol Report has no president. It's a website published by Glenn Spencer.

It's spelled immigration, not inmigration.

They do not oppose Legal Immigration. They do oppose ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION as do many. many others in this country including the LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

Pro Inmigrant said...

Hi Anonymous,
I do not care if he is a board od director or president of that Group.
My concerns is this groups promotes Xenophobia, racism against Mexicans and trying to selling the idea that the Mexican government is involved in a secret plot to take over the Southwest. He has also predicted that "thousands will die" in a forthcoming Mexican invasion. I know you are aware that every single crimen is being by Mexicans they labeled on their website as criminals, denigrating them like they are the worst people on this world and that's for me is racism.