Friday, June 22, 2007

Misinterpretation of Lou Dobbs in War to the Middle Class. What Lou Dobbs Knows about middle class? What, where, who are the American middle class? How he knows what is the middle Class. Which facts that he is using to classify, Salary, leisure, livelihood, etc. If he is fighting for the Middle class. why he is not fighting for Poverty, Lower class Americans?
Why he mention rhetoric's comments that Unlawful immigrant are against the Middle class Americans and continue mentioned that they are taking non skilled jobs? Nonsense Lou...
He suffering from xenophobic Dementia. He is racist, Liar, bigotry, Anti-journalist and
Xenophobic against Mexicans.

Lou Report on his show that was alarming trend that Unlawful immigrants were taking jobs away from Americans and lowering wages. Lou Dobbs felted being a American Middle Class?

DOBBS: We report here night after night, year after year, about quality jobs disappearing in this country and Americans working harder and harder for stagnant wages at best.
Kitty Pilgrim reports now on another alarming trend, workers penalized for their experience.

KITTY PILGRIM, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice over): Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wrote a scathing letter to the CEO of Circuit City after the company fired 3,400 workers and then offered to hire them back at a lower salary. "These actions will severely harm and disrupt the lives of these employees, many of whom relied on their jobs at Circuit City as their lone source of income and their exclusive means of supporting themselves, their spouses, and children."
The American middle class worker faces a brutal new environment. Older top wage earners are fired and younger workers make less. Economists say the young generation is being paid less. Lou they have being paid base on their experience or you want a younger journalist get the same salary you do without any experience.

LAWRENCE MISHEL, ECONOMIC POLICY INST.: Why shouldn't the American people expect more every -- every generation? We are more and more productive. And you would think that every working family would be able to see the younger people move in the jobs that pay substantially more than what the parents were able to earn, given the fact they usually have much more education and more skills.
PILGRIM: Working harder for less is a provable fact. Since 1995, productivity is up 33 percent. But real wages have been falling since 2000.

KEN GOLDSTEIN, THE CONFERENCE BOARD: We've found out that workers are -- they're dissatisfied with how hard they have to work. They're dissatisfied about their job conditions over and above how much they're being paid.

PILGRIM: Economists say that 15 million retail workers are especially vulnerable. That's 13 percent of the workforce.
With the flood of cheap goods for sale, retailers can't raise prices. So they have to trim labor costs to make a profit.
And Circuit City isn't alone. Months ago, Wal-Mart instituted salary caps for their workers.

PILGRIM: Now, workers are feeling beaten. The Conference Board's annual employee survey hit the lowest level in 20 years, and two-thirds of workers are dissatisfied with the workload and the potential for advancement -- Lou.

DOBBS: All of those, for example, Chinese goods in the case of Wal-Mart, as we watch then very few manufacturing jobs in those -- for those products in this country and then retail the last refuge to see this happening, I mean, it's horrible.

PILGRIM: It certainly is. It's a ripple effect, and we're starting to see the last phase of this ripple, the people actually sell the goods. And then, of course, the last phase is people can't afford to buy them anymore.

DOBBS: Well, let's hope people wake up before we get to the so- called last phase. I think more and more Americans are waking up and have had a belly full of this nonsense

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