Friday, January 25, 2008

Immigrants Call On Mexican Consulate To Do More To Prevent Deportations.

Some immigrants held a protest outside the Mexican Consulate's Midtown office on Wednesday, calling on it to do more to prevent deportations.

Protestors want the consulate to help defend the rights of its citizens. They say Mexico is the leading receiving country of U.S. deportees.

"Many of us are Mexican citizens, and we have seen that our consulate doesn't do enough for us, often times we don't receive the respect that we deserve when we come to do our business with the Mexican Consulate," said protestor Leticia Alanis. "And another very bad experience that we have is now with all the deportations that are going on lately, we don't feel that we getting much support from the consulate."

The group is also calling for the public to boycott Western Union. They say the company -- which is the world's largest money transfer agency -- charges high fees, but fails to invest in the communities it profits from.

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