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Wondering if you failing on compliance on the Declaration of principles on the conduct of Journalism just to gain some popularity, sell your books and increase your rating to your show Mr. Lou Doubbs.

Adopted by the Second World Congress of the International Federation of Journalists at Bordeaux on 25-28 April 1954 and amended by the 18th IFJ World Congress in Helsingör on 2-6 June 1986.
This international Declaration is proclaimed as a standard of professional conduct for journalists engaged in gathering, transmitting, disseminating and commenting on news and information and in describing events.
1. Respect for truth and for the right of the public to truth is the first duty of the journalist.
2. In pursuance of this duty, the journalist shall at all times defend the principles of freedom in the honest collection and publication of news, and of the right of fair comment and criticism.
3. The journalist shall report only in accordance with facts of which he/ she knows the origin. The journalist shall not suppress essential information or falsify documents.
4. The journalist shall use only fair methods to obtain news, photographs and documents.
5. The journalist shall do the utmost to rectify any published information which is found to be harmfully inaccurate.
6. The journalist shall observe professional secrecy regarding the source of information obtained in confidence.
7. The journalist shall be aware of the danger of discrimination being furthered by the media, and shall do the utmost to avoid facilitating such discrimination based on, among other things, race, sex, sexual orientation, language, religion, political or other opinions, and national or social origins.
8. The journalist shall regard as grave professional offences the following:
- plagiarism
- malicious misrepresentation
- calumny, slander, libel, unfounded accusations
- the acceptance of a bribe in any form in consideration of either publication or suppression.
9. Journalists worthy of that name shall deem in their duty to observe faithfully the principles stated above. Within the general law of each country the journalist shall recognize in professional matters the jurisdiction of colleagues only, to the exclusion of every kind of interference by governments or others.

Lou dobbs is a very clever person with a very racist agenda that he couches very effectively in a "national interest" cloak. his standard comment is that people without any valid arguments resort to calling him racist to cloud the "real" issues. maybe he hasn't read what's written next.

one of his major complaints is that a large majority of the illegal immigrants have less than high school education. at the same time, he says that they are taking away highly skilled jobs from the manufacturing and construction sectors (when asked if it is true that they are doing what americans won't do).

how can a person without even a high school education take away a job that requires skill and specialization? obviously this is a fallacy that his largely brain-dead followers choose to ignore.

the obvious answer to the above question is that these jobs do NOT require high skill, so that an uneducated person can perform them. under that condition, do you think that it is unreasonable to assume that americans, who are for the most part at least high-school educated, would want to do these jobs? and even if they wanted to, it is the law of economics that they will have to accept lower salaries for jobs that can be as easily done by lesser educated people.

i refuse to accept that illegal immigrants a burden on federal and state exchequer. i have spent significant time in this country and have yet to a see a hospital that pays other's bills. how about the government taking social security tax from temporary work permit holders that it has no intention to return when they leave the country?

this brings up the question that if his economic arguments do not hold any water, what can be the the real agenda behind his rantings? the answer's in the first paragraph.

a few days ago, lou dobbs was proudly reading an email from a lady who complained that she could not let her american children play in the neighborhood because of a few "illegal aliens" who had started living around the corner. do you honestly think this lady would change her views if those people got a sheet of paper tomorrow stating that they were "legal"? for that matter, how did that lady know that those people were "illegal"? did she ask for their papers? obviously not! she made her judgement based on their looks, and in my book that makes her a racist, and by association, lou dobbs.

lou dobbs is amazed at the arrogance of people who march for rights in the very country whose laws they broke to enter. the rest of the world is amazed at the country which has the arrogance to call other human beings "aliens".

over the last two weeks, the great american company lucent was quietly sold over to the french company alcatel ("a merger of equals"). lou dobbs did not care to even raise a squeak on this issue, compared to the hue and cry he raised over the ports deal a few days back. why? don't tell me lucent has nothing to do with national security or american jobs.

thinking of it, when was the last time before the ports deal that lou dobbs had even mentioned ports as a source of national insecurity on his program? has he ever been to a port?

lou dobbs appeals to that class of americans (and people at large) who take delight and comfort in blaming others for their own misery. if it's diseases, blame the immigrants. if it's gas prices, blame china. if it is bird flu, blame..(they'll find somebody- i assure you). i have a single word that describes these people- losers.

in the true spirit of lou dobbs, here a question to that class of people that i have been restless to ask-

"if you were in danger today of losing your job due to outsourcing, tomorrow of getting a disease due to immigration, and the day after of a terrorist attack, would you rather spend that hour of your day watching lou dobbs complain, or would you rather do something constructive about it such as study, get skills, get medicine or try to understand why people hate you?"

There’s always more room for fear and reactionary views…
Not everyone inside CNN feels that way. Although the network keeps a tight rein on what even former staff can say (former anchor Aaron Brown, for example, needed permission from CNN to speak to me, which was denied), one senior former Dobbs staffer told me, on condition of anonymity: “Lou went from straddling the line between journalist and pundit to becoming a full-blown pundit, shifting the debate very, very far to the right. People don’t get it. They trust that CNN is a reputable organization, so they trust that he’s a respected journalist. They think he won’t put anyone on who’s a right-wing nut. But he does.”
Glenn Spencer, for example, who heads the nativist American Patrol, deemed a hate group by both the SPLC and the Anti-Defamation League, was portrayed as a hero for running a “shadow border patrol” with “a handful of committed friends” using technology that rivals the federal government’s. The reporter didn’t mention that Spencer has also predicted a war with Mexico; his popular website, which often quotes Dobbs and links to his show, spreads rumors that immigrants are plotting to overthrow the Southwest United States. There’s also Protect Arizona Now (PAN), which successfully pressed a ballot initiative that denies state services to illegal aliens and requires state employees to report them. Dobbs ran glowing features on the group and its campaign, never mentioning what many news outlets had reported: that Virginia Abernethy, a self-described “white separatist” and former editorial adviser to the white-supremacist CCC, headed PAN’s national advisory board.
Dobbs has used material directly from the CCC—in the process spreading and adding legitimacy to some of that group’s more bizarre views. In an almost surreal segment in May, Dobbs reporter Casey Wian described the US visit of Mexican President Vicente Fox as a “Mexican military incursion.” As Wian spoke, a full-screen graphic appeared, with seven Southwestern states in darker color, portrayed as a map of “Aztlan,” a mythical nation of the Aztec people comprising part of the territory Mexico lost to the United States 150 years ago. According to Wian’s report, Mexico and “militant Latino activists” secretly aim to take it back. The map was provided by the CCC, which has called blacks “a retrograde species of humanity” and warned that immigration is turning the US population into a “slimy brown mass of glop

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