Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Proud American

Reasons to Support Comprehensive Immigration Reform

1) We are Americans, and we believe in the American Dream and opportunity for all who are working hard to make a better life for themselves and those they love. Like most American's, many of our family members are and were immigrants.

2) The system is broken and we need a new system.

3) We understand that we must work with the federal government to address illegal immigration. We seek a compassionate, fair approach. We cannot support unrealistic measures that would return our family members, friends and colleagues back to their country of origin. There is no lasting value in separating families, many of whom were recruited to the United States to complete a job.

4) It is estimated that over 8 million unauthorized workers are employed in diverse sectors, from hospitality, construction, and agriculture to name only a few. It is also estimated that these workers contribute over 8 billion dollars to social security on an annual basis.

5) Immigration influx is simple economics, supply and demand. It is estimated that 12 million undocumented people live within our borders. Therefore, we must genuinely create a legal way for foreign workers we depend on to enter our country legally. It works to everyone's benefit to know who is in the United States. This will help to keep our borders secure.

6) For decades, it has been against the law to work here illegally; ironically, it has not been illegal for business to hire a worker without legal status. Nevertheless, we do not support unfair employer sanctions that will further complicate this issue. We understand that a reasonable and fair worksite enforcement system must be sought in order to reach comprehensive reform.

7.-It has been a lot of rethorics and xenophobics acts, comments lately against latinos when we born here, we fight for this Country, we paying our Taxes and we conduct and behave as an every American regarding race, color, or ethnicity. Like Mr. Lou Dobbs, Mr Buchannan and others using the Latinos and Illegal inmigration as a flag to increase CNN rating and for their personal political advantage.

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